The Commonwealth of Boshka

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Giving a Voice to the Voiceless

10 July 2017 - Capital City, Carnswell - Today, President Bannister will address the House of Commons about a bill that he is proposing. The bill will give tougher penalties to those who commit animal abuse. Eight years ago, President Bannister formed the Department of Animal Welfare (DOAW). This Federal agency fights for animal rights, not only here in Boshka, but all over the world. On three different occasions, the department has been accredited with the closures of facilities to have been found to be abusing animals. The most famous case was the  Chief Saunooke Bear Park in NC. USA in 2013 when they were found, personally, by President Bannister to have been abusing the bears located at the park. Most recently, the closure of the Hollywild Animal Park, where it was found that there were poor living conditions for the animals it housed. Before, 27 animals died in an "electrical fire".

Major Bills Being Debated In the House of Commons Today 

10 July 2017 - Capital City, Carnswell - Today, in the House of Commons, two major bills will be debated by lawmakers. The first bill called  C-128 —   Caitlyn's Law a bill that would give tougher penalties to those that abuse animals. The next bill would add another option to all government forms and documents after female and male. 

Treaty with The Principality of Aigues-Mortes

29 June 2017 - This evening, President Bannister along with Prince Jean Pierre of the Principality of Aigues-Mortes, signed a treaty of mutual recognition. You can see the full speech here.  

Boshka Represented at MicroCon 2017

24 June 2017 - Atlanta, GA. USA - President Bannister, along with Secretary Portia Lianne, represented the Commonwealth at the MicroCon 2017 conference held in Atlanta, GA. USA. Along with Boshka, many other nations were also present such as The Republic of Molossia, Westarctica, West Who, Flandrensis and the  Principality of Aigues-Morte. President Bannister spoke about the current value if the BD (Boshka Dollar). Read more here

-Photo courtesy of  Grand Duke Travis McHenry

We Remember

12 June 2017 - Capital City, Carnswell - Today, at noon, the clock tower of the House of Commons rang 49 times in remembrance of the 49 people that lost their lives on 12 June 2016, when a man opened fire at PULSE Nightclub in Orlando, Florida (USA). Here are the 49 people that lost their lives that day.

Stanley Almodovar III, age 23
Amanda Alvear, 25
Oscar A. Aracena-Montero, 26
Rodolfo Ayala-Ayala, 33
Alejandro Barrios Martinez, 21
Martin Benitez Torres, 33
Antonio D. Brown, 30
Darryl R. Burt II, 29
Jonathan A. Camuy Vega, 24
Angel L. Candelario-Padro, 28
Simon A. Carrillo Fernandez, 31
Juan Chevez-Martinez, 25
Luis D. Conde, 39
Cory J. Connell, 21
Tevin E. Crosby, 25
Franky J. Dejesus Velazquez, 50
Deonka D. Drayton, 32
Mercedez M. Flores, 26
Peter O. Gonzalez-Cruz, 22
Juan R. Guerrero, 22
Paul T. Henry, 41
Frank Hernandez, 27
Miguel A. Honorato, 30
Javier Jorge-Reyes, 40
Jason B. Josaphat, 19
Eddie J. Justice, 30
Anthony L. Laureano Disla, 25
Christopher A. Leinonen, 32
Brenda L. Marquez McCool, 49
Jean C. Mendez Perez, 35
Akyra Monet Murray, 18
Kimberly Morris, 37
Jean C. Nieves Rodriguez, 27
Luis O. Ocasio-Capo, 20
Geraldo A. Ortiz-Jimenez, 25
Eric I. Ortiz-Rivera, 36
Joel Rayon Paniagua, 32
Enrique L. Rios Jr., 25
Juan P. Rivera Velazquez, 37
Yilmary Rodriguez Solivan, 24
Christopher J. Sanfeliz, 24
Xavier E. Serrano Rosado, 35
Gilberto R. Silva Menendez, 25
Edward Sotomayor Jr., 34
Shane E. Tomlinson, 33
Leroy Valentin Fernandez, 25
Luis S. Vielma, 22
Luis D. Wilson-Leon, 37
Jerald A. Wright, 31

The Presidents Statement on the Latest Terrorist Attacks

3 June 2017 - HOUSE 804 - "The Commonwealth of Boshka, condemns the cowardly attacks targeting innocent civilians in London. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and loved ones of the victims. We wish a full and quick recovery to those injured in the attacks. All Boshkans stand in solidarity with the people of the United Kingdom." - President Bannister

House Unanimously Recognizes Jerusalem As Capital

30 May 2017 - Capital City, Carnswell - With a full House, the Senate voted unanimously to recognize Jerusalem, as Israel's Capital. 

Statement from The President


26 May 2017 - Capital City, Carnswell - President Bannister's statement on the beginning of Ramadan.

Swearing in Ceremony

23 May 2017 - Capital City, Carnswell - On the 20th of May, President Bannister sworn in the new Secretary of Housing & Urban Development, Portia Lianne. Secretary Lianne has been in this role since the 1st of May. Click here to see the video.

Celebrating Ten Years

16 May 2017 - Today, marks the Commonwealth's 10th year anniversary, celebrating our independence and equality. Events will mark the celebration throughout the day including a parade, a dinner at HOUSE 804 and a fireworks show in the evening. Photos of the event well be posted on the official Facebook page.

Electronic Voting

4 May 2017 - The Board of Elections just made it easier for you to vote. Now, you can vote from the comfort of your house. Don't even have to buy postage. The Board of Elections has now made it where you can vote online! Each registered citizen will get a link from the Board of Elections taking to a site that will allow you to cast your vote. The links can't be shared and each voter only gets one vote. This is just another way Boshka, is going green! 

President Bannister Proclaims 22 April Earth Day

Carnswell, 22 April 2017 – As part of Boshka's recognition of Earth Day 2017, President Bannister brought together educators, experts, and policymakers to discuss the state of local environmental education. The event, held at Hilton, Blue River, engaged key experts including Senators  Berta Czerwinski, C,  Osmond Hillshire, C in a dia-logue about how CITY may improve environmental education and civic action for its students.

“Environmental education compliments every aspect of a balanced curriculum,” said President Bannister. “It encourages success in STEM programs, helps students develop critical thinking skills, connects classroom learning to tangible local issues, and fosters youth’s connections with nature.”

The theme for the 47th anniversary of Earth Day is Environmental and Climate Literacy. Earth Day Network’s Global Day of Conversation campaign connects locally-elected officials with their communities to solve local environmental problems. This Earth Day, roundtable discussions like the one held in Hilton, Blue River took place around the world to catalyze initiatives that improve environmental education.

“We need to build a global citizenry fluent in the concept of climate change and inspired by environmental education to act in defense of the planet,” said Dan Abrams, Earth Day Network’s Global Director of Earth Day. “Community engagement is crucial to developing climate-literate societies.”

Along with the roundtable discussion, President Bannister signed an Earth Day proclamation that affirms Boshka's commitment to protect the environment and pursue sustainability. With this action, President Bannister called upon the community to extend the activism and passion for environmental education well beyond Earth Day.

In Partnership with Earth Day Network’s Global Day of Conversation

The Blue River Town Hall 2017

21 April 2017 - Hilton, Blue River - On the eve of Earth Day, President Bannister held a "town hall" style conference in Hilton, Blue River. Present for the event were, Senator Berta Czerwinski, Osmond Hillshire, local board of education leaders, school district officials, science teachers and city council members. The town hall conference was  discussed important topics surrounding the Earth Day 2017 theme of Environmental and Climate Literacy. The goal is to shed light on the state of local environmental education and how it may be improved. Topics on the agenda included,  Why environmental education is important, the current state of environmental education within the community and how the community may improve environmental education. More events are planed throughout the day tomorrow.

Easter Message

16 April 2017 - Carnswell, Boshka

"This Sunday, people across the world will join in holy celebrations, drawing spiritual sustenance from their worship. Here in Boshka, religious beliefs are central to our founding principles. We draw special strength from our unity as a people who trust in God, and from the lessons for us and our children in our rituals.

Saturday night, Jewish people everywhere sat with their families and friends for the celebration of Passover—a celebration of freedom.

Beginning with the traditional Seder meal, Passover is rich with tradition and symbolism. Its observance reminds us that the fight for freedom and the battle against oppression, waged by Jews throughout their history, is one of which all free people are a part.

This Sunday morning, Christians will celebrate with their families the resurrection of Christ, His victory over death. We will remember that He gave His body and His blood—washing clean the faults and the shortcomings of the world. In our rejoicing we will renew the hope that is ours through the risen Lord.

Paul joins me in extending to all who celebrate Passover or Easter our warmest wishes for a time filled with joy and spiritual fulfillment and our hope that one day men and women everywhere will be able to worship God in the manner of their choosing."

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month

14 April 2017 - 

It just takes a second of distraction to change a life – forever. Tasks as simple as just checking a text message, just making a quick call, or just changing the radio station can have a lasting impact on a life. "Just" is all it takes to distract you from driving safely. Students in the Defensive Driving Course learn that 99.2% of all collisions are preventable. By just ignoring that phone call, just not texting, just focusing on our driving, can and does save lives.

'Just' is all it takes… Just Drive.

Statement from the Secretary of State

12 April 2017 - Carnswell, Boshka - Good afternoon. Thank you for joining me. Today, I would like to make it clear, that the Commonwealth of Boshka condemns the actions taken by the Assad Regime last week that killed nearly 100 people, 27 of those being children. There is no excuse when a government attacks its own citizens. There is also no excuse for it's allies to support this either. It's time that Russia step up and out of its "Cold War" era days, and be a leader, when it comes holding Assad and his regime accountable. We totally agree with the United States on this, that it is time for Assad to step down as the Syrian leader. Boshka, will do whatever is necessary to see this come to pass. Again, the Commonwealth of Boshka has no patience when it comes to governments killing their own, nor when their allies support them in those actions. Thank you.

-Paul Moskalets

Secretary of State 


12 April 2017 - Now, you can find all available jobs in one convenient location. makes it easy for our citizens to apply for any job. The new website allows users to apply to as many jobs as they like only with one application. The easy to use site also lets users see what type of education is required for the job. There is also helpful links to get the required education that's needed.

President Bannister's Statement on Recent Terror Attack

10 April 2017 -  "Yet again, we as a world witnessed another terrorist attack today in Egypt. We as Boshkans, far too often forget just how lucky we are to live in a nation that can go to church on sunday without the possibility of an terrorist attack, but this is something that we take for granted. Times have changed. We have seen it, time and time again. The images and videos that have came out of Egypt runs shivers down my spine. This is not something that just happens in other countries, but can as easily happen here in the Commonwealth. So, we stand with Egypt today, to stand against those who wish to incite terror in the lives of those who seek freedom and peace. On behalf of all Boshkans, we offer our deepest condolences to the families and friends that lost loved ones this Sunday and we offer our thoughts and prayers to those that were injured. May God bless the good people of Egypt and God bless the Commonwealth of Boshka."

2017 Annual Easter Egg Hunt

10 April 2017 - The 2017 Annual Easter Egg Hunt will be held on Sunday, the 16th of April from 7:30AM - 6:45PM. Thousands of lucky guests from across the nation will gather in the Rose Garden of House 804 for games, storytelling, entertainment and egg rolling.

President Bannister Addresses the Nation

07 April 2017 - "The acts of this regime is an atrocity, and the response from the US should not be a surprise to anyone." Listen to President Bannister's full address above.

Statement from The President

05 April 2017- "Over the past few days and weeks, we as a people have witnessed great tragedy and loss of life. Loss of life that didn't have to happen. In the UK, St. Petersburg, Russia and most recently, Syria. Innocent people that were caught up in the middle of a couple of people trying to spread a message and some at the hands of their own government. The loss of innocent life is never justifiable. We will be forever haunted by images of the lifeless bodies that we've seen on the sidewalk in the UK, those lying motionless in the subway in Russia and the images a dead children being wheeled into the hospital in Syria, killed by a mad man at the head of a illegitimate government. There is no place for evil in the world. It is time that we stand together as a people, together as one against those who try to do harm to our brothers and sisters. It is time for us to unite and show the world that we can rise above this. Let us put our differences aside and build a better future us and our children. We will never forget the ones who lost their lives the past few days in these senseless acts of terror. On 7/4/2017 I ask for all of you to pause for one minute at 1:00PM to remember our loved ones that we've lost in theses tragedies. We have the power to change the world, but it is up to us to make that decision. Goodnight, and may God bless the UK, Russia, the people of Syria and The Commonwealth of Boshka."

- President, Michael R. Bannister

North Korean Missile Launch

4 April 2017 - Just moments ago, President Bannister received word via the "Red Phone" that North Korea has fired another ballistics missile into Sea of Japan, officials have confirmed to the President.

First Ambassador to Boshka

3 April 2017 - On the 30th of March General Dr. Arvind Kumar Sharma - IPC India became the first Indian Ambassador to The Commonwealth of Boshka. General Dr. Arvind Kumar Sharma is currently the Executive President and Chairman of the Council of Governors of the International Organization for Educational Development - IOED. "We are very pleased with the new Ambassador and we look forward to working with him very soon." said Secretary of State, Paul Moskalets. 

Four confirmed Dead In Possible Terror Attack Outside British Parliament

The UK - At least two people have been shot and an officer stabbed. As more info comes into the news room, we are learning from witnesses, that several people have been injured and at least five people have been struck by a vehicle near Westminster Bridge. Prime Minister Theresa May has been evacuated and both President Trump and President Bannister have been briefed on the situation.

At least four people have been confirmed dead including the officer that was stabbed. Click Here for more info. 

Earth Day 2017

31 March 2017 -  April first kick starts our campaign for Earth Day 2017. The ad for the campaign was illustrated by Boshka's own, Ollie Nesbitt. The design features Boshka's new mascots, Red and Pierre. Look for these guys in upcoming ad campaigns from Boshka. The month of April is filled with events working it's way up to Earth Day 22 April 2017. On this day, we ask for all citizens to go dark between 8:30PM and 9:30PM to send a message that just one small thing can make a big difference. The theme for this year's Earth Day is environmental & climate literacy. Look for Earth Day events coming soon. Click here for more info.

Another Victory!

31 March 2017 - The park, located in SC. USA, will be closing it's doors for good. Another victory for the DOAW. The board of directors of the zoo made the decision on the 30th of March. As you will remember, back in a 2015, a report that was published said the park was in despair. The park was reported as having poor living conditions for the animals it housed. Before, 27 animals died in an "electrical fire". The 22nd of February, the DOAW made the suggestion that the park be closed indefinitely. After layoffs of staff and "funding issues", the board of directors decided that the park would not reopen in 2017 to the public.

President Bannister to Sign Executive Order

7 March 2017 - President Bannister is expected to sign an Executive Order today, banning trade with companies that still engage in animal testing. The list of companies this order targets is not yet known. The President will make those companies aware of the trade ban tonight when he signs the order.

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Start-UP Boshka

21 February 2017 -  START-UP Boshka offers new and expanding businesses the opportunity to operate tax-free for 10 years inside the commonwealth. If you are a new business or looking to grow, then Boshka welcomes you!  Create new jobs and contribute to the economic development of Boshka! Be apart of history and pave the way to economical growth all while being environmentally friendly. Click here to send us a message today. 


03 November 2016 - History was made yesterday, as Kendra Yukon made landfall and planted the flag on behalf of The Commonwealth of Boshka on the Antipodes Islands.   "This day will forever go down in history for our great nation." said President Bannister while speaking briefly about the event to a small group of reporters outside of House 804.   Some time ago, The Commonwealth of Boshka laid claim to the Antipodes Islands and after giving a deadline to those who oppose, the date has come and gone.  The Commonwealth of Boshka now has official territory.  In the upcoming days, President Bannister is expected to make an official announcement along with other department members.  A celebration is also expected in the coming months.  

Nationwide Flag Contest

28 June 2016 - Today, children all across the Commonwealth designed their own flag for Boshka. A winner will be selected by the Boshkan Flag Association and the winner's flag will have members of the Senate vote on whether or not, they want it as Boshka's new flag. "It's time we had a flag that represents who we are today, and not what we represented over 40 years ago." said Mel Korba Senator Tom Jenson.

The Antipodes Islands

5 March 2016 - The Commonwealth of Boshka has officially laid claim to the Antipodes Islands.  They are uninhabited Islands that sit 860 kilometres (534 mi) southeast of Stewart Island/Rakiura.  The main island is approximately 7.7 sq mi.  Boshka officially claimed the islands on 21 February 2016.  Since then, the surrounding territories have exactly 45 days to contest the claim.  On 30 May 2016, it will officially become The Commonwealth of Boshka.  A celebration is scheduled to take place on 31 May 2016 to celebrate Boshka's official independance day.  The Federal Government encourages the public to become part of this monumental moment in history by becoming a citizen!  You can become a citizen for free and enjoy the benefits that come with being a citizen and of the new citizenship packet. We also would like for you to donate to this great cause and getting us to the goal of a completely energy efficient nation.     

House 804 in Mourning

16 Jan. 2013 - Last night at 15 minutes past the eleven o’clock evening hour, the Great-Grandfather of President Bannister passed away.  Gov. John A. Bannister was born 26th December 1929.  He was 83 years old.  Gov. John A. Bannister was the father of President Bannister’s Grandfather, and the Grandfather of President Bannister’ Father.  Gov. Bannister lived to see five generations of is family, when the President’s Niece, the Daughter of the President’s Brother was born in April 25th this pass year. 

“He will be greatly missed.  It’s in times such as these, that we hold on to the Lord, and know that He is in control.”

Project Arctic

09 Jan. 2013 - Today in Carnswell, the President made a speech about Bill C-56 that was passed in the House of Commons last month.  The Bill is called Project Arctic.  It is a classified project that costs $64.2 billion to construct.  By building this “tool”, it will save thousands of innocent lives, not only in Boshka, but all over the world.  Watch the speech here.

Lost Art Back Home

02 Jan. 2013 - Yesterday, President Bannister visited the National Art Museum where a painting by Francis Lefebvre was returned back to Boshka.  During WWII, many countries feared invasion of the Nazis and their most precious art work flown out of their countries for safe keeping.  “Lady Boshka” painted by Francis Lefebvre in 1941 was returned back to the National Art Museum in Carnswell.  President Bannister got a private viewing of the painting Saturday.  The official reveling will be Wednesday.  

President to Address House of Commons

30 Jan, 2013 - This morning, the President addressed the House of Commons to promote a bill that would give all Boshkans including animals, free prescription coverage.  This bill would put a free prescription drug discount card in the hands of all Boshkans.  This is one step the President will be making towards a nation wide health insurance plan.  


31 Jan. 2013 - Last Saturday, President Bannister made an unannounced, top secret visit to Chief Saunooke Bear Park in NC. USA after hearing and seeing devastating video of the park and the way they treated the bears.  The Department of Animal Welfare, along with out side agencies, contacted the USDA, and urged them to take action.  Yesterday, the USDA suspended it’s license.  The bear pit must now surrender its exhibitor license. What's more, the license will remain suspended until the dismal facility is able to prove that it's compliant with AWA regulations—if it ever can.

According to the experts, the park also failed to supply food for its public feedings that met the bears' nutritional needs and instead allowed visitors to feed them cat food and Lucky Charms cereal. Among many other abuses, the facility also failed to provide the bears with veterinary care and forced them to eat from filthy, unsanitary food containers.

The Federal Governemt of Boshka in the past few months, has put through a number of bills that have siffer penalties for those who abuse animals.  This case shows, that the Federal Government is willing to go far and wide, to put a stop to animal abuse, not just in Boshka, but around the world.

Double Agent in The Commonwealth

19 Nov. 2012 - Carnswell, Boshka -  Today federal agents arrested a man suspected of espionage, treason, and being a double agent.  The agency, BIA made the arrest today after a month long investigation.  More arrest are suspected in the coming days.  Secretary Berta Weber of the Department of Homeland Security said that no real information was leaked by the agent to his source.  The BIA is not releasing the name of the agent or who they believe he was working for.

      The BIA was already suspecting there was an spy in the country since the agent making the pickups was an undercover agent with the BIA.  Sources say, that when the spy would get information he wanted to leak, he would make special signs in the area such as a broken tree limb, or he would make a small mark on a pole with a piece of chalk to let the pickup agent know where the drop was.

Agents with the BIA did say that they found a camera on him that uses microfilm.

In the Commonwealth, such acts like treason is punishable by death.  But, first he will have a trial in a Federal Court.

President Address The National Debt

18 Oct. 2012 - Today the President talked about Boshka’s growing national debt.  “Together we can overcome this…”  

President Gives Speech About Treaty

18 Oct. 2012 - Today President Bannister gave a speech about a peace treaty  that he just signed with the Grand Duchy of Flandrensis.  “Good evening prime minister, former president, members of the press, and distinguished guests.  I am very pleased to be here with you all this evening an historical evening.  Today the Commonwealth of Boshka and Flandrensis participated in an event steeped in history just as our friends, US. And Germany did on the 25th of August 1921 to sign a peace treaty for world war I. So will Boshka and Flandrensis.”

A Successful Launch

Carnswell, Boshka - 13 Oct. 2012 - Today the BSA successfuly launched the Gemini II Space Shuttle which is carring the unmanned Moon Rover... Click here for full story.

Presidential Address

Presidential Thanksgiving Address 2012

BNS Uncovers Spies Within The Commonwealth

1 Oct. 2012

Carnswell, Boshka Today, the BNS (Boshka National Security) revealded that they have been monitoring a spy within the Commonwealth of Boshka and pursued them on I-75 yesterday.  Two men in a white SUV where arrested and charged with espionage and coud be faced with more severe charges such as treason which is punishable by death.  The BNS also said that they are looking for two more men.  The BNS is not saying where the spies are from yet.  They also said that "...they are more interested in Boshka's secrets and not the publics.  There is no threat to the public." 

A Message From the Boshka DMV

Was it too much trouble to find a
designated driver?

Did you think you could make it home
because it’s only a couple of blocks?

Didn’t think you would end up in
jail after only a few drinks?

There is no such thing as a typical drunk driver. Executives, soccer moms and dads, teachers, clergy … they all look the same in an orange jumpsuit. Is this how you want to remember your holidays? Behind bars in a crowded cell? Most people don't think they will end up in jail until the door slams behind them. Drinking and driving is stupid and expensive. A DUI conviction goes way beyond the humiliation of being locked up. You will lose your driver’s license, possibly your job and your reputation. Law enforcement will be out in force for Octoberfest, but the ultimate decision is yours. So, which will you choose …. Sober or Slammer?  "Zero tolerance" 

You Drink & You Drive, YOU LOSE Boshka!

The President Meets with New Supreme Court Chief Justice

21 Sept. 2012

Carnswell, Boshka - Today, President Bannister met the new Supreme Court Chief Justice,        Alexandria Sykora of Fairbanks, Boshka.  Chief Justice Sykora is 32 years old.  She is married to former Secretary of State Gordon Sykora.  The two have been married for 16 years and has two children, Viktor and Lenka 16 and 12 respectably.  Chief Justice Sykora served as a Chief Justice in the local Ordina Supreme Court for ten years.  "She is just the sort of person that I think would best represent the Boshkan people." President Bannister said in the press conference this morning in The Green Room (the President's office).

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